The Best of Urban Mobility

  • FAR & FAST

    Go as far as 35 km from your starting point and reach 30 km/h.

    Enough autonomy for a round trip to work or a ride downtown.


    Park your car and trade it for this pollution free vehicule.

    Arrive on time and don't be stuck in traffic again. 


    Carry it easily when climbing stairs or taking the metro.

    Store it in house or in office with it's reduced folded size. 


The RVLT Foldable A2 has enough battery autonomy for a 35 km round trip. When done cycling in the streets, carry it in the metro or in the bus. No more being stuck in car jams.


Fold it to store it or to carry in the elevator. It's weight allow you to climb stairs and it's frame handle is convenient. 

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What safety precaution should I take when using the RVLT Foldable A2.

Just like on a normal bicycle, make sure to practice your balance in a desert parking lot before going in the street.
Please use the following precautions to ensure a safe trip: Always wear a helmet to protect your head. Always respect the driving code as we share streets with cars and pedestrians. If necessary, buy complementary accessories like mirrors and additional lights.

Do I need a license to drive the RVLT Foldable A2.

No. Most cities allow the use of e-bikes, but you have the responsibility to verify your local laws and comply with it. 

Where are the RVTL Foldable A2 manufactured?

The bikes are manufactured in China. Our CEO went to visit the facility and ensure a satisfactory process. He asked for some specific customization to improve the product to its best potential.

What payment methods do you accept?

We take payment by credit card through our website or by Square in person. We also accept cash, in person, and Interac transfer (please contact us for the details). We accept partial payments for presales units. The full payment must be received before delivery of your order.

What is the warranty?

You get one year of full warranty on mechanical parts excluding tires. You have the responsibility to bring back your RVLT Foldable A2 to our Montreal office and we’ll take care of it from there. We well proceed to the reparation in 5 to 14 working days. The warranty does not cover broken parts or failures due to an accident caused by the user.

How many charge cycles can the battery endure?

The battery is design to cycle more than 600 full charges.

Is it refundable?

No it's not, you have to be sure you want it before you buy it. However we provide a one year guaranty for good functionning. 


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